Vitex expands 25G SFP28 Portfolio

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, February 20, 2021 — Vitex LLC, a leading provider of high-speed transceivers for datacom and telecom customers announced today the launch of several Multi-Rate and Long Reach SFP28 transceiver solutions. 

Vitex offers a complete portfolio of 25G transceivers including SR, eSR, LR, ER, ERL, and CWDM with operating temperature ranges of commercial temp (CT), extended temp (ET), and industrial temp (IT). Compliant with IEEE803.2by and SFF-8472, Vitex 25G modules are designed with duplex-LC optical interface. The signal format is  CEI-28G-VSR NRZ. 


  1. 25G SFP28 SR, CT, and IT 
  2. 25G SFP28 LR, CT, and IT 
  3. 25G SFP28 LR CWDM, CT, and IT 
  4. 25G SFP28 SR Multi-Rate, CT, and IT 
  5. 25G SFP28 LR Multi-Rate, CT, and IT 
  6. 25G SFP28 ERL, CT 


  • 2-wire interface for management 
  • Compliant with SFF 8472 digital diagnostic monitoring interface for optical transceivers
  • Low power consumption 
  • Advanced firmware allows customer system encryption information to be stored in transceiver 

Vitex 25G SFP28 optical transceivers are manufactured with the highest quality components and are ideal for Wireless Broadband, 5G Networks, 25G Ethernet and Fiber Channel applications. 

“We always strive to provide reliable, low-power transceiver modules to our customers, said Michael Ko, Director of Business Development. “The new Multi-rate and ER Lite modules have filled the gaps in our 25G product portfolio”. 

For samples, please send an email to or call (201) 296-0145. 

About Vitex 

Vitex is a leader in providing high-performance photonics solutions for fiber optic communications, Pro AV, and video transmission markets. Since 2003, Vitex has been working with high-quality manufacturers in Asia to serve customers in North America. Vitex was founded in February 2003 and is based in New Jersey, USA. 

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