Vitex or Innolight transceivers? How do you choose?

We offer two transceiver brands – our own Vitex brand and manufacturer brand, Innolight. Even though both offer similar features and functionality, there are a few key differences.

Vitex overview

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in New Jersey, Vitex works with a select number of factories in Korea, Taiwan and China to provide high quality transceivers, AOCs and DACs.

Our transceiver solutions work best for customers who need flexibility and customization with their own labels and packaging. We can also offer TAA compliant products if required. Cost is more competitive and lead time is shorter in many cases as we carry stock in our US facility.

Fig 1: Examples of Custom Packaging

Vitex product performance is tested and validated by our engineering team right here in the US. Manufacturers are selected after stringent quality and manufacturing process audits. Product samples are tested in our NJ lab and verified with manufacturer test data and relevant standards like IEEE and MSA to ensure that the product compares to the best in the industry.

Many tier 2 and tier 3 customers deploy Vitex transceivers in their networking hardware.

Innolight Overview

Innolight Technology founded in Suzhou, China is a leading global optical transceiver supplier focused mainly on large volume hyper scale data center customers. Their products are widely deployed by the world’s top three data center operators, first-class equipment manufacturers and leading system integrators in North America, Europe and Asia.

Vitex has been a distributor and sales partner of InnoLight since 2012. InnoLight transceivers are high quality and reliable but tend to be more expensive. Because they are mainly for large volume applications with annual demand of at least 1000, customization for small volume customers is challenging for Innolight. All parts ship from Asia and lead time can be long at times. 

Innolight’s core strengths are their leading research and development and innovation capabilities, original optical design packaging platform, ultra-high optical coupling efficiency, and experience in high-speed optical transceiver design. InnoLight Technology (Suzhou) was established in April 2008 and has achieved annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan in just over 10 years.

Innolight vs Vitex Comparison Table

ApplicationDatacom, TelecomDatacom
TAA complianceSomeYes
Standards complianceYesYes
Small quantities less than 500 EAUNoYes
Custom labeling, EEPROM or packagingOnly for high demands >1000 EAUYes
Warranty2 years3 years
Lead Time4 to 6 weeksPopular products in stock at NJ
CompatibilityGenericCisco, Arista, etc
Group working together

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