Vitex introduces Extended Temp 200G AOC to 8x 25G duplex LC Breakout Cable

Solve cell site cooling and network modernization challenges with the new 200G-SR8 to 25G-SR Duplex-LC breakout AOC

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, December 12, 2022 — Vitex LLC, a customer-first supplier of superior quality, specialized fiber optic and connectivity products, today launched the new Extended Temp 200G AOC breakout cable. Designed with a 200G transceiver attached at one end, the fanout design terminates with eight (8) Duplex-LC connectors, each providing 25G-SR connectivity.

In addition to its flexible connections, the 200G QSFP-DD breakout cable offers unique characteristics making it valuable to data centers and the telecom industry: operable in extreme temperature ranges from -20°C to +85°C, enables deployment of latest generation cell site routers, and easy signal splitting to 25G without the need for an additional breakout device.

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Craig Polk, Vitex Product Development Manager, is excited about the technical range and flexibility of the new solution, “With years of mobile network planning experience, I can see that this 200G AOC breakout cable offers technical and financial payoffs that telecom network designers are looking for:  as racks and servers are upgraded to higher speeds, the space-saving design of the 200G QSFP-DD breakout to 8x 25G port cable replaces combined patch cables plus optical transceiver pluggables. The results: a significantly lower cost for each replacement set and lower power consumption reducing heat generation.”

Another network common design problem is how to resolve the capacity demand at the 5G cell site from cell site router to server and/or to the RU (remote unit) as front-haul networks migrate from 100G to faster speeds. The 200G-SR8 AOC module allows telecom network designers to cost-effectively introduce upgraded 200G and 400G switches while continuing to use existing equipment in racks and servers.

Dr. Rakesh Sambaraju, Vitex Director of Sales & Technology, notes, “This product hits the sweet spot for faster and lower CAPEX 5G cell site deployment while supporting increased capacity demands of a split 5G architecture. Now available as a singular solution, the 200G-SR8 QSFP-DD to 8x 25G-SR1 Duplex LC connectors are designed for short distances and have 8 lanes of 25G NRZ with each duplex-LC connector mapped into a single TX/RX 25G lane. In application, I can see the 200G-SR8 AOC module plugged into the host and the 8x duplex-LCs connected to RUs via a standard structured cabling deployment.”

The Vitex 200G-SR8 QSFP-DD to 8x25G duplex-LC breakout AOC is available now for testing and assessment. For network planners that need technical assistance, the Vitex technical support team in New Jersey is available for application review and recommendations. Custom packaging, custom labeling and stocking levels are tailored to each Vitex customer. Email for more information.

About Vitex

Vitex, founded in 2003, is a leading supplier of fiber optic products and solutions. Based in northern NJ, the company develops innovative, high-performance optical solutions to customers in telecom, military, medical, and other industries. Vitex’s skilled staff of highly trained engineers are knowledgeable and discerning about new product offerings and can provide technical advice and solutions customized to business needs.

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