Vitex Talks | Cost-effective solutions for 400G network upgrades: the benefits of breakouts

In this Vitex Talks segment, we’re exploring the 400G upgrade in our racks and servers using 400G optical transceivers. The constant increase in fiber optic speeds means we need to be prepared for upgrades in the future. But what are our options when we need to move from a 100G solution to a 400G solution? Learn more:

At Vitex, we are problem-solvers and solution-providers, where we try to find the most effective and flexible solutions. We’ll showcase a more flexible and cost-effective solution by various pairings of a 400G optical transceiver, allowing us to fully utilize existing equipment, and the benefits of this approach. Finally, we touch on how this approach isn’t limited to just 100G and 400G solutions. At Vitex, we offer solutions for 200G, 100G, 25G, 40G, and 10G—and more!

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