Vitex Talks | CWDM vs. DWDM: Exploring the role of wavelength accuracy in optical networking

In this Vitex Talks episode, we’ll explore the importance of wavelength accuracy in DWDM and CWDM optics. While data rate and reach are commonly discussed parameters, wavelength accuracy is even more crucial. By defining wavelength accuracy and how it relates to frequency and the speed of light through fiber cables while considering the refractive index, you might just learn something new!

Furthermore, we’ll cover how wavelength accuracy is measured, as well as its sensitivity to temperature and device age. Checking with suppliers about end-of-life accuracy and accelerated life testing in DWDM optics is important to keep in mind. We’ll also discuss wavelength accuracy in CWDM and DWDM solutions and its crucial role in the latter. Lastly, we’ll explain the implications of accuracy for installations, particularly in DWDM in the C-band and extended C-range, where achieving tight accuracy for all individual lambdas can significantly improve transmission bandwidth. This video is essential for anyone working with transceivers and fiber cables, emphasizing the importance of wavelength accuracy and its impact on real-world performance.

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