Vitex Talks | Understanding active electrical cables: a comprehensive guide

In the latest Vitex Talks segment, we’ll discuss the benefits of using AECs (active electrical cables) in data centers, particularly for those working with 400G applications. AECs are an alternative to DACs (direct attached cables) and can offer a longer reach, up to five times that of DACs, as well as reducing cable gauge and weight. Learn more:

The active electrical cables can use a redriver or retimer option, which can increase the gain on a signal or realign timing, respectively, resulting in improved signal quality and reduced bit error rate. While DACs have low latency and power consumption, they have limited reach. Active electrical cables with a redriver have similar low latency and power consumption but extended reach, while active electrical cables with a retimer have slightly higher latency and power consumption but even greater reach. Active electrical cables are also relatively low-cost compared to other solutions such as AOCs or transceivers.

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