Why should you work with Vitex?

Why work with Vitex for optical transceivers?

Why buy from Vitex?   Why should you work with Vitex? This is perhaps the most important question that we get from our prospects and leads. Many of our competitors talk about their best-in-class products, reducing downtime, quick shipping, and more. Sure, we have great products. But unlike other distributors, we also have engineers with actual transceiver design experience who can help you run the right evaluation tests or choose the right product for your needs.   

In this article, we will try to address the common questions that we get from prospects:  

What does Vitex offer to customers?   How do you benefit from working with Vitex? 

Our People
  • Our optical transceiver experts have decades of technical experience working in fiber optics communications leaders like JDSU, Lucent and Source Photonics.  Recently, when a customer had questions about a test set up, our Sr. FAE was able to troubleshoot the issue with a quick video meeting.  
  • We are based in the US, with locations in NJ and CA.  Wherever you are, you will be able to reach us at any time by phone or email. 
Our Products

We offer a wide range of optical transceivers with proven performance and quality – 1G, 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G and 400G transceivers and AOCs. 

  • With our strong supplier network, we can provide TAA compliant products if required  
  • We test and validate products in our US lab before shipping to the customer 
  • Our top customers rely on us for custom transceiver programming and packaging 

View the Vitex optical transceivers catalog >

Our Service 
  •  Our 30-day free sample evaluation policy and money-back guarantee offer peace of mind 
  • We are not just your suppliers, we are partners. We work with you to find the right solution for your needs 

 Above are some of the  reasons why we are trusted by industry leaders like  Crestron,  Netscout,  General Dynamics,  Grass Valley,  Abbott Medical and many others.  

View Vitex’s range of video extender products >

Is Vitex a sales rep, distributor, or a manufacturer?    

Vitex serves customers in data communications, network monitoring, broadcasting, and medical video industries.  We provide our own Vitex brand optical transceivers and AOCs and LightBolt brand video extenders in addition to other top-optics manufacturer’s solutions like Innolight. 

Founded in 2003, Vitex originally started out as a distributor and business development partner for Korean fiber optic manufacturers.  Initial business focus was on then-emerging FTTH market.  Vitex worked with all major FTTH customers in North America such as Calix, AllOptic (CommScope), Quantum Bridge (Tellabs), Alcatel, and Wave 7.     

As our customers’ demand for local support and long-term supply grew, Vitex has evolved into a direct supplier of optical transceivers and cables with locations in the East and West Coasts. Vitex now works with long-term trusted manufacturing partners in China, Taiwan, and Korea.    

How about  the cost of Vitex products?  

We strive to offer the best combination of cost and performance. Providing quality products is our #1 priority. Our team also believes in providing expert technical support and prompt customer service. There are many factors and considerations that go into cost.    Please refer to this link for more thorough discussion on optical transceiver cost.

Learn more about the cost and considerations when purchasing 100G QSFP28 modules >

Contact us at sales@vitextech.com for quote requests.  

Vitex is a proven fiber optic solution provider based in the US since 2003.  Our team has extensive experience in fiber optic transceivers and are ready to help you with your questions and concerns. Contact us today with your fiber optic needs. 

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