Vitex debuts 200G QSFP56 DSP-free Active Optical Cables

Englewood Cliffs, NJ, August 30, 2021 — Vitex, a leading optical transceiver supplier announces the launch of 200G DSP-free Active Optical Cables featuring analog CDR. Traditionally, high speed optical modules have deployed DSP based optics. The novel analog approach is pioneered by the Open Eye MSA Consortium which is made up of several innovative optics companies. Optomind, a Vitex partner and an Open Eye MSA member, designed and developed analog 200G AOCs  leveraging their expertise in video extender design and manufacturing.

The main advantages of DSP-free AOCs are low power consumption and low latency. At only 20ns, the latency is 100ns lower than their DSP counterparts.

Key Benefits

Active Optical Cables
  • Low Power Consumption: 3.6W for 200G QSFP-DD
  • Low Latency: Only 20ns, 100 ns lower than DSP based AOCs
  • Simplified manufacturing resulting in lower cost

Vitex DSP-free AOC portfolio includes 400G and now 200G AOCs. Hyper scale data centers are keeping pace with exploding bandwidth demands by transitioning to ever higher speed interconnects. Emerging applications like autonomous vehicles and AI are leading demands for lower latency. 200G and 400G AOCs fulfill this requirement for cost-effective, high speed, low latency optical modules.

“Introduction of DSP-free AOCs underlines our commitment for bringing the latest innovations in global optical technology to our customers”, said Michael Ko, Dir of Business Development at Vitex. “We are proud to deliver DSP-free 200G and 400G AOCs that offer clear latency and power benefits paired with outstanding performance.”

200G QSFP56 AOCs are available in lengths up to 100m on OM4 and 70m on OM3 cables.

About Vitex

Vitex is a leader in providing high performance photonics solutions for fiber optic communications, Pro AV, and video transmission markets. Since 2003, Vitex has been working with high quality manufacturers in Asia to serve customers in North America. Vitex was founded in February 2003 and is based in New Jersey, USA.

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